Nathan Farrugia Appointed Shireburn Software's New CEO

8th April 2019

Mr Farrugia had already been working as a business coach with Shireburn’s senior management team for the last 18 months.

Nathan Farrugia has just been appointed the new CEO of Shireburn Software.

John de Giorgio, the founder of Shireburn, will take on the role of Chairman and will continue to hold a strategic and advisory position within the Group, while Director Franco Galea will continue to execute his current role as Operations Director.

Mr Farrugia is a well-known figure in Malta for his extreme sports activities, his business coaching, and his previous role as CEO of Inspire.

Mr Farrugia had already been working as a business coach with Shireburn’s senior management team for the last 18 months.

Other appointments have been made to further strengthen Shireburn’s management team, including the appointment of Christian Agius as Head of Technology, Charles Mifsud as Head of Products, Kenneth Agius as Head of Financial and Adam Buttigieg as Head of Customer Services

According to Chairman John De Giorgio, “these enhancements all form part of Shireburn’s succession plans and ensure business continuity for all our customers, both locally and overseas, our suppliers, as well as for our own staff, which today amounts to a team of over 60 people.”

“This decision also strengthens the foundation of the company for further growth, locally and internationally. I know that the Shireburn team led by Nathan will provide such continuity.”

Earlier this year, Shireburn announced its investment in UP Limited, the leading business coaching and executive development company led by Nathan Farrugia, whose previous role as CEO at UP is being filled by Julian Azzopardi, former head of JAYE Malta, a non-profit education institution specialising in providing entrepreneurship education programmes to young people.

Mr Farrugia will continue to chair the Vistage Malta CEO groups and support some of the key clients on their ongoing programmes, whilst supporting the team with their own development.


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