New Council for the Malta Chamber

28th March 2019

First meeting to convene on Friday, during which the new President will be elected.

Following last Monday’s Annual General Meeting and subsequent voting process, Malta Chamber members elected a new council for 2019-2021.

The elected members, who also form the Economic Group executive boards are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Importers, distributors and retailers economic group
Farrugia Frank V., Fava Reginald, Mamo Andrew W.J., Tabone Anthony, Vassallo Cesareo Christopher, Zahra Charles A.

Manufacturers and other industries economic group
Cachia Patrick, Cuschieri Ruben, Fauser Matthias, Pace Joseph, Xuereb Marisa, Xuereb Nicholas

Services providers economic group
Arrigo Hugh, Barbaro Sant Elizabeth, Casolani Ian, Sullivan Matthew E., Vassallo Alison, Xuereb David

The first meeting of the new Council is expected to convene on Friday, during which the new President of the Chamber shall be elected from the individuals forming the Council.

A new member will then be elected from the economic group from which the President would have been elected, thus filling the seat vacated by the President, taking the total members of the Council newly to 18.

29th March 2019

“Our manufacturing industry is facing a number of challenges, not least one of the most important is the lack of employees in terms of quantities and quality," the Chairman of the Malta Chamber’s Manufacturers and other Industries Economic Group said.

28th March 2019

Prime Minister addresses ‘State of the Maltese Economy’, an event organised by the Malta Chamber and EMCS

28th March 2019

Leader of the Opposition questions the sustainability of Malta’s economic successes

27th March 2019

Chamber President addresses ‘State of the Maltese Economy’, an event featuring leading voices on the subject, providing an analysis of the performance of the Maltese Economy