New Mandatory Conditions for COVID-19 Transition phase

19th May 2020

The new measures will be coming into effect as of Friday, 22nd May 2020.

During a press conference held on Monday evening, the Prime Minister Robert Abela, together with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne and the Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci, announced a number of measures intended to ease off restrictions and re-open the economy.

The set of measures were published by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health and will come into effect as of Friday, 22nd May 2020.

The measures provide obligatory conditions and guidelines for the re-opening Hair Salons and Barbers, Beauticians, Nail Technicians and Nail Artists, Drive-in Cinemas, Outdoor Cinemas and Outdoor Theatres as well as the re-opening of Tourism Infrastructure. This includes Accommodation Establishments, Catering Establishments, Outdoor Establishments (including Lidos, Swimming Pools and Outside Entertainment Areas) and Beaches, Beach Establishments and Beach Concessions.

Amongst the conditions included, one may find a number of social distancing and hygiene related measures to ensure that the health and safety of both the workers involved and customers alike is protected. This includes regulations limiting the number of customers allowed per square meter, hand sanitizers to be made available at every entrance/reception area, and clients and workers must wear a mask or visor at all times, amongst other rules.

Tourism Establishments are provided with a checklist of all the conditions which should be set up and satisfied for their re-opening.

For the full conditions and guidelines, please follow the links below:

COVID19 Mitigation measures - Hairdressers and Barbers 18 May 2020

COVID19 Mitigation measures - Beauticians 18 May 2020

COVID19 Mitigation measures - Nail Technicians and Nail Artists 18 May 2020

COVID19 Mitigation conditions - Outdoor Theatre, Oudoor Cinema, Drive-in Cinema 18 May 2020

COVID19 Mitigation Conditions - Outdoor Restaurants, Pools, Hotels, Accommodation 18 May 2020


20th May 2020

‘The country needs to find a new sense of competitiveness and an energy of resilience to successfully navigate the post-Covid realities’ said Perit David Xuereb, President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry during a cordial meeting with the Leader of the Opposition at Dar Ċentrali in Pieta’.


22nd May 2020

‘Question Time by The Malta Chamber’ organised in collaboration with Bank of Valletta and the Malta Development Bank, provided businesses with details about the recently launched ‘BOV-MDB COVID Assist’, a financing scheme aimed at assisting local businesses facing disruptions due to COVID.


26th May 2020

'We must be the catalysts that take the country to a new equilibrium,' said Deputy President Marisa Xuereb as she represented The Malta Chamber on TVM’s programme Insights this week.


26th May 2020

The Malta Chamber condemns the spontaneous celebrations that took place yesterday in connection with Floriana FC being awarded the Premiere football league title.