New Zealand begins to lift COVID-19 restrictions, easing of measures expected in Malta this week

27th April 2020

New Zealand’s prime minister said that the country has ‘won battle’ against COVID-19 community transmission.

New Zealand’s tough lockdown restrictions are scheduled to ease this evening as prime minister Jacinda Ardern said that the country has stopped the “widespread, undetected community transmission” of COVID-19 at a government briefing. 

Affirming that New Zealand had “avoided the worst” in the pandemic, Ardern has announced that the country will begin a phased exit from lockdown, opening a number of non-essential businesses, excluding those involving face-to-face contact.


The country’s action plan to eliminate the coronavirus involved tough restrictions on travel and prohibited gatherings and has seen only single figure cases over the past few days. This echoes the situation in Malta, which has seen drastically decreased daily cases, and zero new cases being reported yesterday.

Locally, it is expected that Government will announce the first easing of COVID-19 restrictions this week, albeit ministers and government advisers being reportedly still split on when and how to reopen businesses.

27th April 2020

It’s the British Prime Minister’s first Downing Street speech after recovering from the coronavirus.

Competing companies Bad Boy Cleaners and Mr Clean donated 30 tablets to the Ministry for Education.

24th April 2020

The new policy document, worked on by the PA and the ERA, addresses a number of environmental concerns, the Government said in a press release.

23rd April 2020

“This will enable our country to strengthen our knowledge about the coronavirus and other tools which might help the health authorities while doing their analysis.”