Nike designs shoe for healthcare workers & donates 30,000 pairs to frontline staff

5th May 2020

The company released a new show design in November 2019 for the “healthcare athlete”.

Nike is donating 30,000 pairs of its latest shoe design created specifically for healthcare workers to hospitals and health centres in several cities in the United States.

In an announcement yesterday, Nike said that the shoe, called Air Zoom Pulse, is the first “designed for the healthcare athlete, an everyday hero.”

Released in November 2019, the global sports apparel manufacturer studied health professionals in a hospital in Portland, Oregon, to establish what was required from the new design, such as comfort that caters for long hours standing, as well as liquid spills.

Nike also announced that it will donate 95,000 pairs of mild compression socks to healthcare workers in New York City and Los Angeles, as medical centres across the country continue to battle the persistent coronavirus.

“The effort is led by messages of gratitude to healthcare professionals,” Nike said in its statement. “From one athlete to another, Nike athletes recognise the physical and mental resilience of healthcare athletes.”

Hospitals in several European countries will also receive 2,500 pairs of shoes – including Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Belgium and Paris.

5th May 2020

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Nike designs shoe for healthcare workers & donates 30,000 pairs to frontline staff