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Nine out of ten Maltese consumers have purchased goods or services online, says Misco report

13th July 2020

The survey included a sample of 319 participants who were contacted in April, at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in Malta  

Nine in ten (89 per cent) consumers have previously purchased goods or services online, and over two thirds (69 per cent) of these online shoppers make a purchase at least once a month, MISCO’s 2020 Online Shopping Trends Survey report reveals.

The most sought-after items to buy online are clothing, footwear and accessories, particularly among women, cited by nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of shoppers who purchase goods online.

Well over half of online users typically purchase flight tickets (68 per cent) and hotel stays (61 per cent). Cinema and other event tickets, as well as personal care products, including make-up, are also popular. As for services, over half (62 per cent) of online consumers are somewhat or extremely likely to purchase an insurance policy online.

However, despite the increased use of digital services, including e-commerce, there are many who still refuse to attempt online shopping. “Two thirds (67 per cent) of people who have never purchased goods or services online prefer to see and touch a product before purchasing it,” the report says.

Nearly four out ten (39 per cent) consumers who remain averse to online shopping do not feel confident in their ability to use the internet and make a purchase online, while one third of this group fear the risk of identity theft, and another one third are afraid they will not get what they paid for.

The survey used a sample of 31 respondents aged 16 years and over.

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Nine out of ten Maltese consumers have purchased goods or services online, says Misco report