No-deal Brexit could lead to ‘drug and food shortages,’ published documents show

12th September 2019 

A Scottish court declared Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament to be unlawful, however his government intends to appeal.

Documents which the UK Government was forced to publish due to a Parliamentary motion outline how a no-deal Brexit could result in rising food and fuel prices, disruption to medicine supplies and public disorder in UK streets.

Operation Yellowhammer – the Government’s plans for a no-deal, formed the basis of a five-page documented outlining its ‘planning assumptions.'

Much of the document was leaked back in August by the Sunday Times, which the Government dismissed as out of date.

Risk of border delays and an estimation that up to 85 per cent of lorries crossing the British Channel may not be ready for a new French customs regime make up parts of the Government’s “reasonable worse case planning assumptions”.

“The lack of trader readiness combined with limited space in French ports to hold ‘unready’ HGVs could reduce the flow rate to 40%-60% of current levels within one day as unready HGVs will fill the ports and block flow,” the report warns.

It could take months for the situation to correct itself, with lorries facing waits of between 1.5 days and 2.5 days to cross the border.

With regards to food supplies, it has been warned that certain types of “fresh food” would be reduced due to lengthy delays at ports.

In the meantime, a Scottish court has ruled Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament to be unlawful, with judges elaborating that its sole intention was “stymying” the House of Commons.

The Government has declared that it will appeal the decision, saying that it was “disappointed by today’s [Wednesday’s] decision and will appeal to the UK supreme court. The UK government needs to bring forward a strong domestic legislative agenda. Proroguing parliament is the legal and necessary way of delivering this.”

24th September 2019

According to the BBC, the UK Government has declared that it will abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

10th September 2019

Boris Johnson has suffered his sixth Parliamentary defeat in six days.

5th September 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly said that he would only back a general election after the anti no-deal Brexit bill achieved royal assent.

4th September 2019

Rebel Tories deliver victory for MPs to seize control of Commons timetable.