NSO indicates 4.5 per cent increase in employment for Q3 2019, compared to 2018

24th December 2019

The Labour Force Survey indicates that total employment stood at 255,297 during the third quarter of this year.

A Labour Force Survey issued by the National Statistics Office yesterday indicates that, during the third quarter of this year, total employment stood at 255,297, accounting to 60 per cent of the population aged 15 and over. 

Meanwhile, the number of unemployed persons stood at 8,879 (2.1 per cent), while inactive persons totalled 163,547 (38.2 per cent).

The survey goes on to point out that, on average, out of every 100 persons aged between 15 to 64 years, 74 were employed. The male employment rate for this age bracket was 83.2 per cent while that for females stood at 63.4 per cent. The largest share of employed persons was recorded among persons aged between 25 and 34 years, for both males and females.

Self-employed persons accounted for 15.9 per cent of all employed persons, with the majority of employed persons found to be working on a full-time basis, amounting to 220,871. On the other hand, 34,426 had a part-time job as their primary employment. The results also show that, on average, full-timers work 42.3 hours while part-timers work 22.4 hours per week.

The average annual basic salary of employees for the third quarter of 2019 was estimated at €20,033. The highest basic salary was recorded in the financial and insurance activities sector, with average annual salaries varying from €34,302 among managers to €12,118 among persons employed in elementary occupations.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for the third quarter of 2019 stood at 3.4 per cent. Among the unemployed, 76.8 per cent stated that they had been seeking work for less than 12 months.

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NSO indicates 4.5 per cent increase in employment for Q3 2019, compared to 2018