Number of jobless drops

28th January 2020

Unemployment dropped by 0.2% when compared with the same period last year. 

The registered unemployed last month amounted to 3.4 per cent of the labour force, that is those aged between 15 and 74 years who are either gainfully occupied or are jobless.

The National Statistics Office said the figure represented a drop on both the previous month (down 0.1 per cent) and on the same month a year earlier, when it stood at 3.6 per cent.

The bulk of the unemployed in December 2019 consisted of males – 5,210 – as against 3,898 females. A total of 5,832 were in the 25-74 age bracket and 3,276 were aged between 15 and 24.

29th January 2020

Traffic through MLA is forecast to increase by 2–3% to reach 7.5 million passenger movements in 2020.

27th January 2020

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Financial Crime Conference, which will be held on Thursday 13th February 2020 between 8.30hrs and 17.30hrs at the Westin Dragonara in St Julians.

25th January 2020

Economist Gordon Cordina cautions about the way forward, and stresses the need for quality to outshine quantity.

23rd January 2020

The European Commission’s Green Deal proposal seeks to tackle climate change and outlines the EU’s roadmap towards a carbon-neutral economy by 2050.