Offering Credit Control And Debt Recovery Services Locally And Internationally

29th October 2018

Credit Mediation Services's (CMS) primary focus is to collect as many funds as possible in the most cost-effective manner prior to resorting to court proceedings.

Credit Mediation Services (CMS) is a debt collection agency set up in 2013 offering credit control and debt recovery services both locally and internationally. Its primary focus is to collect as many funds as possible in the most cost-effective manner prior to resorting to court proceedings.

CMS does not apply hard and fast rules for the recovery of debts; instead, the company offers its clients tailor-made services based on their unique requirements – adopting procedures based on the company’s business.

CMS's Services

Credit Control Services

The Credit Control function can be time consuming and expensive. Due to continuous pressure on costs and increased workload, some businesses may not have the required resources to chase their debt as they find it hard to justify the cost of a credit control specialist.

Outsourcing part or all of the Credit Control Function to CMS may prove to be more cost effective as resources may focus on other parts of the business whilst we can focus on improving cashflow.

Local Debt Collection

The core aspect of our business lies in our fully functional and well-equipped call centre. Our agents use persuasive communication skills to chase the debt and are trained to offer repayment programmes that suit both the client and the debtor.

Should our call agents’ influential efforts not prove fruitful, our field agents are dispatched to visit the debtor’s location. In the event that the debtor is untraceable, CMS uses various tracking methods that could prove useful in locating the debtor.

International Debt Collection

CMS is a certified partner with Global Credit Solutions (GCS), the world’s top credit, collection and risk management company, having more than 100 offices in over 90 countries. This allows us to have the necessary presence we need, to provide excellent global services.

Legal Recovery

CMS utilizes the services of a well-established Maltese law firm, thus providing the client with a one non-stop-shop approach. The shift in gear from mediation to the filing of judicial proceedings would be seamless and handled internally.

Quality of Service

We follow a strict code of ethics and practice that ensures we operate ethically and in full compliance with local and international legislation.


Over the past years CMS have been engaged by a number of businesses spread across various industries to assist or manage credit control processes. We have handled over 5,000 accounts covering both consumer and businesses which have resulted in successful recoveries. In some instances CMS were engaged to handle the whole credit control process whilst in other instances CMS were responsible for part of the debtor portfolio.


As can be seen from some of the testimonials on our website, CMS has achieved very encouraging results across various industries. 

30th October 2018

The Gold certificate was received for being a ‘Mental Health First Aid Trained Workplace’, having trained at least 10 per cent of its workforce in mental health first aid.

23rd October 2018

Eligible customers have access to customised lending products, dedicated account specialists in each HSBC branch, a single contact number and a selection of modern digital-banking tools.

22nd October 2018

DataByte and Express Trailers have roped in Gartner, one of the world leaders in the consulting world for IT projects.

18th October 2018

The MOU establishes mutually beneficial activities which aim to develop digital skills among Maltese youths and help them access learning and employment opportunities.