Office Trends: Colour, Nature and Fun

Martina Said - 17th June 2017

Offices are no longer being designed as merely work spaces, but extensions of the employees’ identities.

1. Fun Fittings

Designers are increasingly looking to blur aesthetic and functional lines across all spaces, offices included, and one of the ways to do so is through intriguing light fittings combined with advanced lighting systems befitting modern-day work environments.

2. Mid-century design

Modern office design calls for clean lines, simple furniture and youthful concepts driven by the desires and requirements of millennials, but some designers are bringing back the elegance and attractiveness of the mid-century era, complete with sophisticated materials integrated with all the current tech.

3. Integrated technology

Integrating technology into work stations is an ever-growing trend, including the wireless charging of devices, office furniture with built-in power adapters as well as multimedia capabilities, setting the scene for flexible and up-to-date work spaces, while doing away with excess clutter on and around desks.

4. Experimenting with colour

Colour is a powerful tool in office design, and 2017 seems to be a year of experimentation. Be it in the form of wall paint in a recreational area, a feature wall in a meeting room or bright pieces of furniture dispersed throughout floors, designers are bringing colour to offices in new and exciting ways.

5. Working with Mother Nature

Besides the use of plants and greenery to enhance the feeling of being outdoors while inside the office, there’s also a move towards integrating natural elements in the workplace such as water features, living walls, outdoor office extensions and reclaimed wood.

6. New seating

Seating arrangements at an office have a psychological effect on employees, which is why many offices, particularly the tech giants, are making use of unconventional seating options intended to create a level playing field, ranging from low tables with poufs to semi-circular sofas and hanging chairs.

This article originally appeared in the April edition of The Commercial Courier.


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