On Catering For All Occasions - Veronica Zammit Tabona

Marie-Claire Grima - 3rd October 2018

The Managing Director of Villa Arrigo has been actively involved in the family business ever since she was just 16 years old.

If you’ve been to a few weddings this year, there’s a good chance that at least one of them was held at Villa Arrigo.  The imposing colonial-style villa in Naxxar was built by Cesare Garcin in 1887, and originally known as Villa Garcin. The estate was sold in the late 1980s, and the new owners, the Agius family, decided to rent the property to Ralph Arrigo, who changed its name to Villa Arrigo, and used it as an exclusive location to provide the services of his catering company, Osborne Caterers.

Since 1986, under the stewardship of the Arrigo family, Villa Arrigo and Osborne Caterers have become trusted and highly-respected names for people who are organising a wedding, event or any other kind of reception in Malta, and their popularity shows no signs of letting up. With so many new wedding venues popping up, this kind of sustained popularity can be attributed not just to the villa’s beauty and its stunning location, but to the hard work of the people in the company, who make it such a delightful venue.

Managing Director Veronica Zammit Tabona has been actively involved in the family business ever since she was just 16 years old. “My father, Ralph Arrigo, insisted that I should be trained in all aspects of the hotel and catering business,” she told MaltaChamber.org.mt. Indeed, when she decided to take charge of the catering section, she was still in her early 20s. “As you can imagine it was quite a challenge. But it also gave me great satisfaction. I love meeting and getting to know different people from all walks of life.”

Villa Arrigo

There’s no typical day for Mrs Zammit Tabona, who loves the variety that her role provides. “Every day is different, depending on the in-house and outside catering. But it usually involves meeting clients, replying to email queries regarding upcoming weddings, and keeping in touch with my clients and my team.” She says that weddings are changing from year to year and the internet has a great influence on couples’ decisions and choices, which she in turn does her best to reflect on the big day.

Mrs Zammit Tabona has a friendly, down-to-earth attitude towards her work and responsibility, saying she considers herself to be simply another member of the team, “who are the best part of managing Villa Arrigo. Plus, I enjoy searching for new ideas!”

Osborne Caterers and Villa Arrigo are top-of-mind names for weddings in Malta. Mrs Zammit Tabona estimates that over 100 weddings are held there each year, each different in its own merit. The company also takes part in over 800 events which are held in-house and at various outside venues. “We try not to take on too many events in one day as we like to give our full attention to the standard of food and service,” Mrs Zammit Tabona says.

However, while most people know Osborne Caterers as wedding caterers, they cater for other events too. Wherever there’s a gathering of people who need to be fed and watered in style, Osborne Caterers will do exactly that.

“We do everything from wedding catering at any venue that the client chooses, to private dining at home, or even corporate luncheons together with delivery of boardroom snacks,” Mrs Zammit Tabona says. “We also cater for barbeques, christenings, baby showers and any other event imaginable.”

Anyone who’s curious to find out more about what Villa Arrigo and Osborne Caterers can do for their function, gathering or other event can visit the company’s websites – villaarrigomalta.com and osbornecaterers.com. The website features a walk-through tour of the villa (just in case you’ve never experienced it for yourself!) as well as detailed information, catering packages, the facility to request a quote, and much more.


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