Online Gambling Popularity Gives Bet365 CEO Another Huge Pay Bump

21st November 2018

The firm's accounts show compensation, for the firm's "highest paid director" rising to £265m (€297m) including dividends.

Denise Coates, the co-founder of online gambling firm Bet365 and the UK’s best-paid boss has received another huge pay rise.

The firm's accounts show compensation, for the firm's "highest paid director" rising to £265m (€297m) including dividends, £48m (€54m) higher than the total she received last year. Last year, Ms Coates' pay and dividends were reported to total £217m (€244m).

As the popularity of online gambling continues to grow, Ms Coates was one of the first people to identify its potential back in 2000, investing in the domain name to drive her father’s high street betting firm in that direction.

The privately held company is owned jointly by Ms Coates and members of her direct family, including her brother John who is joint chief executive and her father Peter, the firm's chairman.

Bet365, now the largest private sector employer in Stoke, has millions of customers worldwide. In May, it confirmed its plans to expand its presence in Malta. The firm's revenues grew by 25 per cent at the year to the end of March and operating profit was up by 31 per cent.

While it has come under criticism for not doing enough to help problem gamblers, Bet365 said it was continuing to develop strategies to identify gamblers at risk and to "help customers bet responsibly".

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