Outdoor Living – Building Teams In Malta For 15 Years

29th April 2019

As Outdoor Living celebrates 15 years of providing exceptional teambuilding activities for organisations across Malta, some of their clientele look back on their experiences and share how Outdoor Living energised, motivated and inspired their teams towards greatness.

As specialists in teambuilding activities in Malta, Outdoor Living has earned a reputation for offering teams innovative events to help them achieve success beyond their expectations.

15 years on, Outdoor Living is still channelling their trademark passion, dedication and sense of fun and adventure, as it empowers teams of all sizes with experiences that make unforgettable memories as well as tight-knit teams.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, some of their clients have shared their fond memories of working with Outdoor Living – and revealed some common experiences that serve to highlight the formula for Outdoor Living’s extraordinary ongoing success.

A Friendly and Motivated Team

It’s no surprise that all of Outdoor Living’s clients that we spoke with immediately mention the team’s above-and-beyond dedication to their activities, as well as their friendliness, motivation, energy, efficiency, flexibility, and professionalism.

The CEO of Vassallo Group, Pio Vassallo, leads with this in his account: “The friendliness and drive of the Outdoor Living team is unrivalled. I have worked with them in the past and it was always a success. I wanted peace of mind in the organisation so choosing them again was a no-brainer for me.”

Matthew Pisani, Global Transportation Manager at Gentherm Inc, agrees. “We have our minds at rest when Caroline and Chris are taking care of our teambuilding events, as they cover every detail for us and are fully flexible to meet our expectations.”

Mr Pisani’s sentiment is echoed by Liana Cachia, Group Marketing and HR manager for Thomas Smith. “Outdoor Living were flexible in meeting our needs. On the day Caroline and the team pulled it all together! They brought a lot of energy, and we received lots of positive feedback from staff and managers.”

Director of Marketing at Colours of Malta, Cristina Galea, had a similar experience. “Outdoor Living is one of our preferred suppliers; we have been working with them for years and have a very good working relationship based on trust and reliability. They are always a step ahead and ready to tailor-make an activity for us to ensure our clients are happy! Their great teamwork makes our job so much easier.”

Innovative Teambuilding Activities

One of Outdoor Living’s core beliefs is that when a team enjoys its time together, it becomes a more effective unit. With that in mind, the company has spent the last 15 years seeking out the most innovative, action-packed, inspiring and fun activities that will empower local teams during any event – from an intimate staff dinner to a conference with thousands of delegates.

“The highlight of our day was the War of the Dragons game,” recalls Mr Vassallo. “It was very competitive and highly enjoyable. Plus, I learnt a lot about my team as they were performing out of their comfort zones.”

For Mr Pisani, it’s the competitive edge that the teambuilding activities brings to his team that set Outdoor Living apart. “We have organised three main teambuilding events with Outdoor Living so far and, for us, competition is normally the highlight of these events. Although the teams work hard to win each of the games, at the end we make sure that all the teams also come together and celebrate as one.”

Outdoor Living was also able to customise activities to suit Ms Cachia’s team’s needs. “Even though the activity had a fun, competitive, yet team-bonding element, it also had other goals such as bringing out collaboration among the teams. The Flat-Out Pyramids activity was selected, which was ideal for bringing the various divisions together, to achieve the common goal of the company’s success.”

Cheryl Ellul Bonnici, who is Operations Manager at Colours of Malta, remembers the fun had by all during their teambuilding event. “My personal highlight was laughing with our team as they completed the funny challenges,” she said.

A New Team Spirit

Of course, the success of any teambuilding event can only be measured by how well each team interacts and connects afterwards – and each of Outdoor Living’s clients point out the renewed energy, motivation and togetherness felt by their team following their event.

“Our staff really enjoyed it and the feedback was very positive,” continues Mr Vassallo. “This was an opportunity for people to meet others in the same group of companies but who work in different sectors, so may have only met via email before. Sometimes our busy daily schedules do not allow us the time to interact, so these events also help break the ice and definitely help overcome the communication barriers that may be built within the team.”

Team bonding is also one of the main reasons Mr Pisani keeps coming back to Outdoor Living for teambuilding events. “More than learning, the true value out of these events is the bonding that we achieve between the staff,” he says. “The experience gained out of the events is something to treasure and the internal analytics that follow such events is a joy to listen to and be part of at the office.”

Outdoor Living forms part of Synergix Group who this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary. More information about Outdoor Living and all its services, including a variety of bespoke teambuilding activities, may be found online at www.outdoorlivingmalta.com

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Outdoor Living – Building Teams In Malta For 15 Years