Outgoing German Chancellor says country must do ‘everything humanly possible’ on global warming

3rd January 2019 

Angela Merkel cautioned ‘it will be our children and grandchildren who have to live with the consequences of what we do or don’t do today.’

Outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel warned of the dangers of global warming in her annual New Year’s message, adding that Germany must spare no effort to meet the challenge.

In a pre-recorded speech televised to the nation on Tuesday evening Ms Merkel cautioned “global warming is real. It is threatening…We have to do everything humanly possible to overcome this challenge for humanity. This is still possible”.

Ms Merkel said that “..At 65, I am at an age at which I personally will no longer experience all the consequences of climate change that will occur if politicians do not act… I’m using all my strength to ensure that Germany makes its contribution – ecologically, economically, socially – to getting climate change under control.”

She called on her fellow countrymen to embrace the digital future and adapt their way of thinking in this ever-changing world. “More than ever, we need the courage to think in a new way, the strength to leave familiar paths, the willingness to try new things, and the determination to act faster, convinced that the unusual can succeed – and must succeed if the generation of today’s young people and their descendants should still be able to live well on this earth.”

6th January 2020

On Sunday evening, parts of Malta experienced a brief power-outage.

3rd January 2020

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Martina Said

He was designated as non-executive director by co-option.

Martina Said

The authority said that Jibi bank is not registered in Malta.

Outgoing German Chancellor says country must do ‘everything humanly possible’ on global warming