Palumbo Shipyards wins French shipping contract amid tough competition from Spain and France  

25th June 2019

The contract includes the refitting of three vessels of French shipping company Corsica Linea

Palumbo Malta Shipyards won a contract to refit three vessels of French shipping company Corsica Linea with a fuel cleaning system that meets new environmental shipping rules.

Malta was short-listed for this contract from among top shipyards in Spain and Marseilles, and comes on the back of another €6 million international contract to refit three Ro-Ro passenger ferries with the Greek Shipping company, Minoan Lines.

“This contract is nearly double the one with Minoan Lines and we’re honoured to have been chosen by Corsica Linea, who are choosing to divert from their trade route to have the job done in Malta — this is a clear vote of confidence in our work,” said Palumbo Group president, Antonio Palumbo.

Works on retrofitting Corsica Linea’s three ships – the MV Pascal Paoli, MV Jean Nicoli and MV Paglia Orba – are expected to start towards the end of this year with the aim of refitting each one within 30 days.

The Cottonera-based shipyard is investing in green technology and expertise in order to remain agile and proactive in a volatile industry, while helping vessels meet the UN’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2020 targets.

As of next year, the maximum allowable sulphur content in bunker fuel has been dropped to 0.5 per cent from 3.5 per cent, as announced by the IMO, as a step towards controlling emissions and achieving cleaner air.

26th June 2019

The automotive company is contributing to Maltese heritage.

The units are expected to be finished and handed over to clients by Q3/2022.

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