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Panorama named a telecom ‘Market Disruptor’ by GlobalData

2nd July 2020

Panorama is the world-leader in data analytics for communications and media service providers.

Eunoia is a focused data analytics company which has been providing industry focused business intelligence solutions.  As a cloud first company, it builds solutions that deliver scale and speed, ensuring optimal ROI through highly engineered orchestration, paying only for the value consumed. 

Today many of the platforms consumers use are commoditised as platforms which are consumed as a service. Eunoia’s partnerships with Microsoft and Panorama Software gives the company the flexibility to deliver these solutions, putting it in a position to deliver insights at the right time, to the right people, helping its customers take decisions faster and supported by facts and figures.

With its long-standing partnership with Panorama Software, Eunoia provides a unique experience to its customers to generate high-end visuals and actionable insights. Panorama have been named Market Disruptors in telecom and media by Globaldata for their telecom vertical.

Panorama is the world-leader in data analytics for communications and media service providers. Necto, together with the telecom specific solution, integrates AI and machine learning technologies to provide modern self-service analytics with out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, predictive and prescriptive insights.

Panorama Necto is successfully deployed at multiple carriers worldwide, enabling their transformation with analytics on digital care, personalisation, smart network analysis, B2B, IoT, and data monetisation. 

“Panorama is poised to disrupt the telecom analytics market with ready-made AI data models and its new contextual engine, The Magnet, which delivers the right insight to the most relevant person at the right time,” said Andy Hicks from GlobalData.

Stefan Farrugia, CEO at Eunoia, said “We are very excited about the new feature-set that is currently in production.  Our hope is to provide our customers integrated operational Insights which will ultimately complement the financial data, exposing new amazing insights.” 

“Our business intelligence solutions share a common data model which is used by hundreds of users daily providing right on time and highly visual insights through Panorama Necto ®, placing our users in a better position to manage and improve business performance,” says Mr Farrugia. “Bringing this value to CFOUR will enable new potential combining financial and operational reporting, exposing insights that would otherwise be hidden to the business.”

The company’s objective is to actively empower its users to look for potential risks and opportunities and increase the automation and correctness of these processes.  The discussion on the use of machine learning and predictive analytics has long started, but it all boils down to how good the ground data is. “Therefore, we apply rigorous cleansing methodologies to ensure the veracity of the base data to deliver on the promise of predicting outcomes,” the company said.

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Panorama named a telecom ‘Market Disruptor’ by GlobalData