President Trump predicts 'very substantial trade deal' with UK during state visit

Helena Grech - 5th June 2019

On an official state visit to the United Kingdom, US President Donald Trump declared his belief that the two countries will enjoy a "substantial" and "fair" trade deal following the long-awaited departure of the UK from the EU.
President Trump is wrapping up a three-day state visit which has been fraught by protests against the US leader in cities across the UK.

At a meeting on Tuesday with Prime Minister May, business leaders and ministers, President Trump said "I think we will have a very very substantial trade deal. It will be a very fair deal," adding: "We're going to get it done."
Trump had stated that Britain's National Health Service (NHS) would be on the table when discussing a free trade agreement between the two sides. Several Conservative Party leadership hopefuls, as well as the Labour party, declared opposition to this, saying the country's NHS is not open for trade.

Trump then backtracked on his earlier comments while being interviewed on Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan: “I don’t see [the NHS] being on the table. Somebody asked me a question today and I say everything is up for negotiation, because everything is. But that’s something I would not see as part of trade. That’s not trade.”

Despite having been highly critical of Prime Minister May in the past, he said she had done "a fantastic job", even joking that she should "stick around" to forge a stronger economic relationship once the delayed-Brexit is carried out, multiple news outlets report.
May bowed to pressure and announced her departure some weeks ago. She is expected to relinquish her duties as leader of the Conservative Party on 7th June 2019, after having failed to pass her Brexit withdrawal agreement through British Parliament on three separate occasions. She will stay on as Prime Minister until the Conservative Party elects a new leader.

The President is visiting the UK for Wednesday's D-Day 75th anniversary commemorations in the South of England.
Prior to landing, Trump reiterated calls for the UK to walk away from the EU without a deal.

Relations between the two countries have been strained due to the possibility of the UK using Huwei - a Chinese telecoms firm - to build its 5G network. US officials have raised the alarm over engaging with Huwei due to security concerns.

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