Price of fuel increases as of this morning 

1st August 2019

Unleaded petrol has gone up in price by 5c per litre, from €1,36 to €1.41.

Enemed has announced that all fuel supplied by the state-owned company has gone up as of Thursday morning.

Unleaded petrol has gone up in price by 5c per litre, from €1,36 to €1.41. Petrol super, also known as e-petrol has gone up from €1.51 to €1l56 while Diesel has risen from €1.23 to €1.28 per litre.

The price of diesel super has also risen, from €1.33 to €1.38 per litre.

Enemed last increased its prices in August 2018 and enjoys a highly dominant position in the local market.

Commenting on the price increase, the government issued a statement to say that fuel prices were still below the EU average price, despite the increase. 

The statement continued to say that in the space of seven months, the international price of oil rose from by 21%, from €47 a barrel to €57 a barrel.

1st August 2019

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