Prices In Malta Are Still Cheaper Than In 17 Other Member States

25th June 2018

 Malta’s price level index is currently at 82.

While the cost of living in Malta has undoubtedly gone up in the past few years, price levels in Malta are still lower than they are in 17 other member states, according to figures released by Eurostat.

If the price level index is higher than 100, the country concerned is relatively more expensive than the EU average, while if the price level index is lower than 100, then the country is relatively cheaper than the EU average. Malta’s price level indices are currently at 82.

The only countries in the EU where consumer goods and services are cheaper than they are in Malta are Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

Price levels varied by almost one to three between the cheapest and the most expensive member states, with the widest gap being noted for restaurants and hotels, and for alcohol and tobacco. Smaller disparities were noted for consumer electronics, personal transport equipment and clothes.

Denmark (142 per cent of the EU average) had the highest price level, followed by Luxembourg (127 per cent), Ireland and Sweden (both 125 per cent), Finland (122 per cent) and the United Kingdom (117 per cent).

At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest price level was found in Bulgaria (48 per cent), while Romania (52 per cent) and Poland (56 per cent) were just above 50 per cent of the average.

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Prices In Malta Are Still Cheaper Than In 17 Other Member States