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Prime Minister acknowledges forward-thinking approach of The Malta Chamber

11th January 2021

"I can now fully appreciate the vision of The Malta Chamber had for a brighter economic future"

“Looking back at the notion of ‘Business Reengineering’ that was proposed by The Malta Chamber a few months back, I can now fully appreciate the vision that the organisation had for a brighter economic future,” said Prime Minister Robert Abela.

Malta’s Prime Minister was addressing a political activity on the challenges faced during the pandemic and the need to learn in order to enhance the overall quality of life through factors such as good governance, digitalisation and the green economy. During his speech, he mentioned the importance of viewing Covid-19 as a primary catalyst for much-needed change.

As he was thanking the major stakeholders that are driving and leading Malta towards a sustainable future during such a troublesome period, Abela acknowledges the forward-thinking approach that The Malta Chamber, and more specifically the President of The Malta Chamber, Perit David Xuereb undertakes to truly achieve its goal of being the true voice of business.

The element of ‘business reengineering’ was in fact the theme behind an event held during SME week, and it is very much a principle value for The Malta Chamber, especially during this challenging period of time.

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Prime Minister acknowledges forward thinking approach of The Malta Chamber