Prime Minister Robert Abela appoints new Cabinet

15th January 2020

Several changes have been made from his predecessor’s Cabinet, most notable of which is the merging of the environment and planning ministries.

Newly appointed Prime Minister Robert Abela has officially chosen his Cabinet, with a number of changes having been made from former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s.

Dr Abela’s Cabinet is made up of 17 Ministers and eight Parliamentary Secretaries.

The new Cabinet is as follows:

Chris Fearne – Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister;

Evarist Bartolo – Minister for Foreign Affairs and Europe;

Edward Scicluna – Minister for Finance and Financial Services;

Michael Farrugia – Minister for Energy and Water Management;

Owen Bonnici – Minister for Education and Employment;

José Herrera – Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government;

Carmelo Abela – Minister within OPM, responsible for sustainable development, social dialogue and the implementation of the electoral manifesto;

Ian Borg – Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects;

Justyne Caruana – Gozo Minister;

Michael Falzon – Minister for Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity;

Edward Zammit Lewis – Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance

Roderick Galdes – Minister for Social Accommodation;

Silvio Schembri – Minister for the Economy, Investment and SMEs;

Julia Farrugia Portelli – Minister for Tourism;

Aaron Farrugia – Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Planning;

Clint Camilleri – Minister for Agricultural Policy, Fishing, Animal Rights and Consumer Protection;

Byron Camilleri – Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement

Parliamentary Secretaries:

Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi – PS for European Funds within the Foreign Affairs Ministry;

Clayton Bartolo – PS for Financial Services and the Digital Economy within the Finance Ministry;

Clifton Grima – PS for youth, sport and the voluntary sector within the Education and Employment Ministry;

Chris Agius – PS for Lands and Construction within the Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ministry

Silvio Parnis – PS for Active Ageing and Persons with Disabilities within the Family Minister;

Rosianne Cutajar – PS for Equality and Reform within the Justice Ministry;

Deo Debattista – PS for Consumer Protection and Public Cleansing within the Ministry for Agricultural Policy, Fishing, Animal Rights and Consumer Protection;

Alex Muscat – PS for Citizenship and Community within the Home Affairs Ministry

17th January 2020

This is the second study of its kind carried out by the Malta Gaming Authority.

15th January 2020

This translates into an increase of 2.6% when compared to the corresponding time period in 2018.

15th January 2020

As a result, Dr Busuttil will be resigning from his role as MP in local Parliament.

14th January 2020

Inbound visitors for the period under review are estimated to reach 191,698.