Promise of sale agreements could be extended should COVID-19 should government departments close

13th March 2020

The announcement was made on the strength of a legal notice.

Promise of Sale agreements (konvenji) on homes which may expire during a COVID-19 outbreak locally will be given a 45-day extension.

On the strength of a legal notice focusing on public health, it said that should the Superintendent choose to close Government departments, promise of sale agreements due to expire during the shutdown would benefit from an extension.

This will apply to any legal terms, deeds, acts or private writing that expire during the time when an order for Government departments to be shut is in force.

Malta’s schools are currently on a forced shutdown while the island has 12 known cases of the virus.

1st April 2020

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) has opened a public consultation process, which will run until the 9th April, on potential research and innovation strategies to boost jobs and growth, under the European Commission’s smart specialisation initiative, 2021-2027.

1st April 2020

It is likely the last month for some time where a drop in unemployment is to be registered, as COVID-19 takes its toll on the economy.

24th March 2020

In total, the Government will pay up to €70 million a month to subsidise wages.

23rd March 2020

Last Wednesday, the Prime Minister announced a €1.8 billion aid package which the Malta Chamber of Commerce, as well as others in the business community, warned would do little to stop job losses.