18th October 2018

The scheme can cover up to €8,000 of eligible costs for each restored balcony.

17th October 2018

The only constraint seems to be a shortage in stock, the article remarked.

11th October 2018

Nearly 60 per cent of people consider housing costs to be a burden.

Martina Said - 6th October 2018

The Kamra tal-Periti’s newly-launched awards programme recognises outstanding architectural projects that are a cut above the rest.

2nd October 2018

This restaurant is located in the idyllic village of Rabat, and has been serving mouth-watering dishes to customer since opening its doors in June 2018.

25th September 2018

General manager Alex Incorvaja said everything was on track to close the hotel at the end of this week to enable works to start on the total renovation of the hotel and reopen as a Marriott hotel.

13th September 2018

Quoting a 2017 KPMG report, Dr Muscat said that wealth was increasing thanks to the property sector.

12th September 2018

According to the Knight Frank report, Malta’s strong economy and limited housing stock has propelled prices by 17 per cent in the second quarter of this year, compared to the same time a year ago.

7th September 2018

The 860 square-meter historic building comes with permission to be transformed into a hotel or even office space.

3rd September 2018

Quickspin tasked DEX Workspaces to supply new furniture for its office, including desks with screens, a fully-furnished boardroom, and designer pieces for the welcome area.

20th August 2018

Located just along from the popular Caprice Lounge, the Executive Lounge was created exclusively for guests booked into the hotel’s upmarket suites and executive rooms.

Lewis Pitcher – 17th August 2018

Robert Spiteri Paris, Managing Director and Head of Lettings at Perry, talks about the intersection of these two industries.

Sarah Micallef – 13th August

Can the construction industry be short-sightedly destroying Malta’s economic interests, in the long run? Three industry experts weigh in.

Martina Said – 12th August 2018

A high degree of flexibility, technology-driven design and cool colours are just some of the highlights of Melar Business Operations’ new office.

6th August 2018

Apartments and a boutique hotel will be housed behind Mercury Tower's refurbished façades.

Sarah Micallef - 5th August 2018

Director of the Restoration Directorate, Norbert Gatt, shares his take on the impressive buildings and substantial restoration projects that have helped bring about Valletta’s stunning renaissance.

28th June 2018

This distinction provides one with assurance in three critical areas - quality, connections and independence.

Sarah Micallef - 24th June 2018

The new XCaliber offices within the high-end Spinola Park development in St Julian’s deliver more than your average workspace.

22nd June 2018

“There is no room in our industry for cowboys," said RE/MAX Malta general manager Jeff Buttigieg.

Sarah Micallef - 17th June 2018

The architects behind the award-winning projects discuss what went into them and why they are deserving of the title.

12th June 2018

The lowest overcrowding rates were recorded in Cyprus, Malta, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

11th June 2018

DEX collaborated with Francesca Scicluna from MODEL Architects, and together they made sure that everything was completed to the client's exacting standards.

8th June 2018

The RE/MAX exclusive internal workshops led by Richard Robbins focused on both management and associate training.

24th May 2018

The BusinessLabs project entailed installing glass partitions and rolling walls, along with vinyl floors, to ensure that all the space was utilised to its maximum potential.

22nd May 2018

“We are very happy to mark the completion of this latest investment and we are confident that our new corporate office block will be an inspiring workspace which stimulates innovative thinking and collaboration," stated Louis A. Farrugia, Farsons Group Chairman.

16th May 2018

Residential property prices are still going up, but at a slower pace than that seen at the end of 2015.

16th May 2018

Rising commercial property rentals have also contributed to the growth, due to the influx of new companies that are relocating to Malta, including major British and international gaming organisations and cryptocurrency exchange businesses.

Martina Said - 12th May 2018

“Using VR in real estate sales is a new concept locally, and has only been available to the global market for the past 12 months or so," says Benjamin Tabone Grech, E&V Sara Grech’s Managing Director.

27th April 2018

The Shoreline will be home to approximately 400 luxury apartments complete with shopping mall, recreation centres, and other amenities, making it the largest private construction project in Malta to date.

10th April 2018

With the slogan ‘If it’s meaningful to you, it’s important to us’, the campaign is designed to set RE/MAX Malta apart from its competition by taking the relationship between agents and their clients to a new level.