Request for entrepreneurs to participate in an online questionnaire

“INVEST- Financial and forecasting models for entrepreneurs” is a two-year (2016 - 2018) European project which aims to provide young entrepreneurs with educational tools to help them make responsible choices according to their business’ financial-economic availability and predictable development.

Young micro-entrepreneurs will be invited to take part in the “INVEST WISELY” course, and benefit from a flexible, but also customised, training model dealing with financial literacy issues in accordance to their specific needs. This will provide guidance on how to make good choices with regards to their business and also to their personal finances.

In order to define the course’s contents and delivery methods, and understand the above-mentioned learning needs, the partnership needs to investigate the level of financial literacy. To this end, we kindly invite you to participate in our analysis by answering the following 15-minute questionnaire. This questionnaire is open to all entrepreneurs, until 1st March 2017.

Follow this link to complete the questionnaire and make sure that your views are represented. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Read more about the ‘INVEST – Financial and Forecasting Model for Entrepreneurs’ Project by visiting the project’s website:

Request for entrepreneurs to participate in an online questionnaire