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Reshaping the workplace from covid experiences

26th March 2021

Success in curbing the pandemic depends on the full cooperation of all sectors of society

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, in collaboration with the Covid-19 Public Health Response Team and the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate, organised a webinar on the current scenario in terms of Covid measures and the recent update in protocols and procedures at the workplace.

Addressing the attendees and moderating the ‘Reshaping the workplace from covid experiences’ webinar, Ms Fabianne Ruggier, Executive Consultant at RSM Malta, sponsors of The Malta Chamber HR and Talent Thematic Committee, noted the importance of such a webinar in providing the much-needed clarity that businesses are after to help mitigate the spread of Covid at the workplace.

As Malta’s foremost business representative body, this webinar is yet another effort in The Malta Chamber’s restless drive to support businesses during such troubling times. In fact, in its bid to enhance safety at the place of work, recently, The Malta Chamber had called on all the business community to provide remote working options, when possible, to employees.

Dr Elaine Lautier and experts from the Public Health Response Team provided insights that business-people, including the Human Resources and Operational functions, would find incredibly useful to not only control the spread of Covid, but also find ways to maintain operations while securing employee safety. Expert advice was given to all areas of business, from manufacturing plants to office buildings on a plethora of efforts that can be implemented as safety precautions.

During the webinar, attendees were provided with an array of information that any business needs to ensure high-level safety protocols to their employees and society at large. Apart from the essential basics that most have grown accustomed to, such as the importance to wear masks and the minimum social distance required, experts provided helpful tips on matters related to contact tracing and remote working measures.

Furthermore, importance was given to mental health and wellbeing, which have been greatly impacted due to Covid and its implications on society. To this end, the webinar emphasised how vital it is that businesses nurture a culture that promotes a sense of resilience while encouraging employees who may be at risk, to seek professional help.

Fabianne Ruggier said, “events such as this webinar represent one of the objectives of our collaboration with the Chamber – to raise awareness and provide educational opportunities to the members on pertinent workforce matters”.

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Reshaping the workplace from covid experiences