Restaurants, kiosks & snack bars permitted to serve take-aways, deliveries until 11th April

4th March 2021

A limit on the number of households that can mix indoors has also been introduced

At a press conference addressed on Thursday afternoon, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced wide-ranging COVID restrictions to come into effect from tomorrow, 5th March, until 11th April.

Restaurants, snack bars and kiosks will only be permitted to serve take-aways for this period. Incentives will be introduced for restaurants wanting to shift operations online, while the full wage supplement will be introduced for this category.

The wage supplement will not be implemented in accordance with the 2021 version, based on turnover, but rather on the original full wage supplement provided in 2020.

Restaurants inside hotels, accommodation and guest houses may only serve residents in-house.

Bars and nightclubs will continue to remain closed until 11th April and have been closed since end October.

Fines for breaching this regulation have been increased from €3,000 to €6,000.

Mass events of a commercial nature where current restrictions are not observed will also see fines increase from €3,000 to €6,000. Currently, such commercial events are limited to 100 inside and 300 outside, among other restrictions.

Mass organised events will be banned, except for weddings and religious services. While the difference between mass events of a commercial nature and mass organised events has not been made clear, it is assumed that events such as protests, marathons, charity events (which are not of a commercial nature) will not be permitted until 11th April.

The measure introduced in February which limits the number of people to gather inside holiday accommodation in accordance with the number of bed spaces has been reintroduced.

A maximum of four housesholds will be permitted to mix inside private residences, with a €100-per-person fine to be levied for non-observance of this measure.
From Monday, a directive for public sector workers to work remotely will be introduced, while the private sector has been urged to do the same.

9th March 2021

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Restaurants, kiosks & snack bars permitted to serve take-aways, deliveries until 11th April