Ryanair Shrugs Off Worst Airline Award

7th January 2019

A Ryanair spokesperson said the airline's success was not reflected by the survey.

For the sixth year in a row, Ryanair has been named as the least-liked short-haul airline, as voted by airline passengers in the UK.

Ryanair was ranked at the bottom of 19 carriers flying from the UK. Of those surveyed who chose an airline that they would never fly in the future, 70 per cent chose Ryanair.

However, a Ryanair spokesperson said the airline's success was not reflected by the survey.

"Ryanair passenger numbers have grown by 80 per cent in the past six years and Ryanair.com has become the world's most visited airline website.”

"These facts reflect what customers want much more than an unrepresentative survey of just 8,000 people."

Ryanair faced strike action in 2018, cancelled flights but refused to offer passengers compensation, and introduced new baggage rules three times.

Passengers also complained about its boarding processes, seat comfort, food and drink offering, and cabin environment.

The airline predicts it will carry 141m passengers this year, and its UK subsidiary has received a licence allowing it to operate in Britain, even in case of a no-deal Brexit.

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