Salaries in Malta Benchmarks Over 10,500 Verified Maltese Salaries

20th December 2018

Salaries in Malta provides research-based compensation data to companies and individuals.

Salaries in Malta - the only online Maltese salary benchmarking tool - announced that they have reached a milestone of collecting over 10,500 verified job role salaries (data points) from 240 companies, covering 178 job roles.

“This is an incredible milestone for us,” said Project Manager Analise Germani. “The team have been working hard since 2013 to create an industry standard whereby companies can access a salary database and view how many data points we have for specific roles and from how many companies. They can then compare their own salary data and remunerate employees fairly, as opposed to guessing what compensation to give.” is an online salary benchmarking tool which addresses information gaps in Malta’s dynamic talent market. It provides research-based compensation data to companies and individuals.

It also provides companies free access to the benchmarking tool database in exchange for their own salary data. The data collected is first matched to standardised job roles and validated. This means that when a benchmark report is generated it is backed by actual verified salary data points not unverified polls or questionnaires.

A broad variety of companies are participating in this unique initiative, and increasing daily. Industries range from gaming, services, manufacturing, financial services, information technology, HORECA and retail & distribution.

Contact for more information on participation. 

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