Scheme to offer cyber security solutions to businesses

13th June 2019

“No business is too small to be at risk of a cyber security attack”

“No business is too small to be at risk of a cyber security attack” said Hugh Arrigo, Vice President of the Malta Chamber as he welcomed guests to the Exchange Buildings for the launch of the B Secure Scheme on Thursday. “The B Secure Scheme, shall provide private industry with the necessary assistance to leverage its cyber security posture.”

In his address Mr Arrigo noted how each year, global media were reporting increases in cyber-attacks around the world, and how Maltese companies were not immune to these hacks.

“As an example, 2018 saw a new wave of highly-targeted social engineering attacks using social networks to gather information about a person’s co-workers, before sending emails to them impersonating their colleague. The employee genuinely thinking it is their colleague would open a single malicious attachment, or click one infected link, and the company’s entire cybersecurity posture is put at risk” Mr Arrigo said.

The Malta Chamber Vice President remarked that regular updating of software, together with training of employees, were amongst the many effective ways of preventing cyberattacks that in turn generated cyber security awareness.

“The Chamber has welcomed the National Cyber Security Awareness and Education Campaign and it has also collaborated with MITA in conducting a survey among Maltese Businesses. Furthermore, a focus group session between 11 SME business owners was held at the Chamber to elicit and assess the level of cyber security awareness among SMEs in Malta” he noted.

The B Secure Scheme was launched at the Malta Chamber by the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation the Hon Mr Silvio Schembri in the presence of Mr Tony Sultana from MITA and Mr Brendeke from Acronis.

Through this Scheme, private sector organisations can benefit from Cyber Security risk assessment and consultancy services, together with Cyber Security training sessions that will enhance the technical capabilities of the technical workforce and also raise awareness among business executives.

14th June 2019

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6th June 2019

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31st May 2019

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