Sectors - Economic Groups

The Malta Chamber organises its membership in three economic groups – Industry, Trade and Services. Under these three groups, members can set up business sections according to their sectorial interests. The Malta Chamber provides a number of services to members, and participates proactively in consultation and policy proposals with the Maltese government as well as at an EU level.

Importers, Distributors and Retailers Economic Group

Mr Christopher Vassallo Cesareo -Chairman
Mr Anthony Tabone - Deputy Chairman
Mr Charles Zahra - Vice Chairman
Mr Andrew W. J. Mamo
Mr Reginald Fava

Mr Marcel K. Mifsud
Mr Charles Borg

HealthCare Business

Ms Giulia Attard Montalto - Chairperson
Mr Robert Magri - Deputy Chairperson
Mr David Stellini
Mr Paul Apap Bologna
Ms Joanna Gatt                

Mr Marcel K. Mifsud

Professional Community Lead Pharmacists Business Section

Mr Reginald Fava - Chairman
Mrs Marisa Dalli - Deputy Chairman
Prof Lilian M. Azzopardi
Mrs Eliza Vella
Mrs Pierina Zammit

Wines, Spirits, Beverages & Tobacco Business Section

Mr Pierre Stafrace - Chairperson
Mr Michael Darmanin - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Stephen Rausi
Mr Tarcisio Piscopo
Mr Alexander Arrigo

Manufacturers and Other Industries Economic Group

Mr Patrick Cachia - Chairman
Mr Nicholas Xuereb- Deputy Chairman
Mr Joseph Pace - Vice Chairman
Ms Marisa Xuereb
Mr Matthias Fauser
Mr Ruben Cuschieri

Mr Brian Muscat
Ms Doreen Cutrona

Electrical and Electronics

Mr Joseph Bugeja - Chairperson
Mr Joseph Gingell - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Conrad Pace
Mr Simon Alden

Food and Beverage Processors

Mr Alex Meilak - Chairperson
Mr Stephen Bonnici - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Benjamin Brincat
Mr Joseph Pace
Mr John Sammut 

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturers

Mr Luke Satariano  - Chairperson
Mr Mark Borg - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Kenneth Micallef
Mr Kenneth Caruana
Ms Doreen Cutrona
Mr Robert Borg
Mr Olaf Zahra

Mr Arthur Mallia
Mr Ivan Gerada

Service Providers Economic Group

Mr Matthew Ellul Sullivan - Chairman
Mr Marcel Cutajar - Deputy Chairman
Dr Alison Vassallo - Vice Chairman
Mr Hugh Arrigo
Ms Elizabeth Barbaro Sant
Mr Ian Casolani

Care Home Operators Business Section

Ms Natalie Briffa Farrugia - Chairperson
Ms Sarah Vella - Deputy Chairperson 
Dr Marie Eleanor Farrugia - Communications Coordinator 
Ms Charmaine Attard 
Ms Angelle Falzon 

Ms Fleur Balzan

Financial Services Business Section

Mr William Spiteri Bailey - Chairperson
Mr Kenneth Farrugia - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Jean Paul Fabri
Ms Angela Tabone
Mr Malcolm Mifsud

Ms Deborah Schembri
Mr George Mangion
Mr Gordon Scicluna
Mr Carol Gabaretta

Information & Communications Technology Business Section

Mr Francois Grech - Chairperson
Mr Gordon Micallef - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Marcel Cutajar 
Mr Joseph Roland Scerri 
Mr John Wood  

Logistics Business Section

Mr David Fleri Soler - Chairperson
Mr Pierre Attard - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Robert Aquilina
Mr Shawn Falzon
Mr George Amato

Shipping and Bunkering

Mr Peter Sullivan - Chairperson
Mr Matthew Sullivan - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Stephen Parnis England
Mr Stephan Piazza
Mr Karl Sullivan

Tourism Business Section

Mr Ian Fitzpatrick - Chairperson
Mr Alan Arrigo  - Deputy Chairperson
Ms Genevieve Abela
Mr Iain Tonna
Mr Ivan Mifsud
Mr Jean Karl Farrugia  

Mr Louis Olivieri 
Mr Joseph Attard

Virtual Financial Assets Agents 

Mr Silvan Mifsud - Chairperson
Dr Jonathan Galea - Deputy Chairperson 
Dr Tanja Dimitrijevic
Dr Franklin Cachia 
Dr Christina Scicluna 
Dr Rebecca Mifsud 
Mr Daniel Bilocca 
Dr Terence Cassar 
Dr Malcolm Falzon

Yachting Services Business Section

Dr Alison Vassallo - Chairperson
Mr Niki Travers Tauss - Deputy Chairperson
Mr Matthew Gusman 
Mr Peter Fiorini Lowell 
Dr Anthony Galea
Ms Cornelia Zammit German

Sectors - Economic Groups