Service restored with mobile calls and data back in ‘working order,’ GO says

8th October 2019 

Thousands of customers were left without phone service after the company suffered technical problems.

Mobile calls and data have now been restored and are “back in working order,” GO informed its customers at around 9am on this morning.

Technical issues affecting the company’s network had left thousands without mobile service this morning. It is understood that customers suffered service disruption for around one hour.

In a Facebook post at around 09:45am on Tuesday morning, GO wrote:

“Dear customer, we are regretfully suffering a network issue affecting mobile calls and mobile data.

“Our teams have already been deployed to assess the situation and devise the best course of action to bring services up in the shortest time possible.

“The inconvenience is deeply regretted. We will ensure to keep you updated.”

Shortly after, at 09:02am, the company updated the post to say:

“The service has been restored and mobile calls and mobile data are back in working order. If you are still encountering issues, please restart your mobile device.

“Thank you & we apologize for this inconvenience.”

GO is one of Malta’s two leading mobile network providers.

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Service restored with mobile calls and data back in ‘working order,’ GO says