She Started It: A Documentary on Women Tech Founders

‘She Started It’ is a documentary following the lives of five women during a period of two years. In this documentary, the audience can follow their experience as they pitch VCs, build teams, bring products to market, fail and then start again.

The women involved within the documentary are all young women who have managed to contribute and focus their talents in the social media scene or created technology start up companies. These are; Thuy Troung, Stacey Ferreira, Sheena Allen, Brienne Ghafourifar and Agathe Molinar.

The documentary already made waves and became a huge success amongst other documentaries in its category as it explores the culture roots of female underrepresentation in entrepreneurship. It exposes the structural realities women face as they become entrepreneurs in a male dominated industry.

This event is being organised by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) and the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) in collaboration with 100 Women in Finance; Women Web-Entrepreneurs WeHubs Malta Node; Business & Professional Women (Malta); Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs; Network for Young Women Leaders; Women Directors in Malta; MissInTech; and Deborah Webster.

A free screening is being shown at the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta on 8th June (19:00-22:00).

She Started It: A Documentary on Women Tech Founders