Sliema residents could see the end of junk mail in their mailboxes

23rd August 2019

A bye-law has been proposed by the Sliema local council.

Residents in Sliema could see the end of junk mail posted in their letterboxes thanks to a new bye-law proposed by its local council, The Times of Malta Reports.

It goes on to say that a series of six new bye-laws are in the process of being drafted. They are aimed at tackling and strengthening cleanliness in the locality. It is being reported that the new bye-laws would address issues of personal responsibility as well as enforcement.

Cleanliness of Sliema, being a sea-front locality, is all the more important in view of the likelihood of rubbish ending up in the sea.

Sliema mayor Anthony Chricop told the Times of Malta that mail being thrown around on the street and spilling over from vacant properties is counter-productive to the goal of keeping the locality clean.

The report goes on to say that the proposed regulations would stop the placing of junk mail in any public space within Sliema, while those posting leaflets in letterboxes which have signage saying ‘no junk mail’ would be at risk of a maximum fine worth €70 per infraction.

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