So far so good

20th January 2020

Malta Chamber reacts to Government implementing proposals from the document it presented to the Prime Minister titled ‘Ethical Business calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance’.

In a statement to the media, issued on Monday the Chamber cautiously welcomed the breath of fresh air that was apparently characterising the first week in office of new Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela. The Chamber said that the decisions taken so far augured well for the future.

The Malta Chamber was reacting to Government implementing proposals from the document it presented to the Prime Minister titled ‘Ethical Business calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance’,  on Friday.

"The concrete actions of the past days reflect the Prime Minister’s statement that his Government and the Chamber were on the same page on this very important current priority for the country" the statement said.

In the statement the Chamber welcomed the subject of Good Governance being given its much deserved attention by the Prime Minister’s cabinet, which was in turn supplemented by the establishment of a committee focusing on this matter.

"On a related note, the resignation of Dr Justyne Caruana from Gozo Minister, only hours after certain revelations being made concerning her next of kin, sends a strong, and much needed message of zero tolerance towards any shadow of a doubt of questionable conduct. Our country’s leaders must be kept accountable to the highest level of standards, and the tempestive action in this regard was very well received" the Chamber said.

The Chamber also reacted to statements made by two senior members of Abela’s Government.  

"Environment and Planning Minister Dr Aaron Farrugia’s intention to publish a register of all meetings with stakeholders, in a bid to promote transparency and good governance, is certainly the direction the country’s administration needs to look at. Similarly, the Chamber also welcomes the statement by Minister for Internal Affairs Byron Camilleri who stated that every single allegation needed to be investigated" the Chamber noted.

The Chamber welcomed these moves, and augured that such commendable initiatives wouldn't be left to the prerogative of individual Ministers, but ought to be made a Government-wide requirement for all the administration.

"In light of the above, the Chamber expresses a degree of cautious optimism. There are several more recommendations that the Government needs to consider, but certainly, so far so good" the statement concluded.

The Malta Chamber discusses its recommendations aimed at accelerating the process of restoring Malta’s reputation as a trusted and credible economic partner on the global scene21st January 2020

17th January 2020

“Ethical Business Calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry”, contains more than 60 concrete recommendations in favour of a culture of good governance.

17th January 2020

In the past days, the Malta Chamber has embarked on a series of company visits, aimed at reaching out to the operators in several fields.

12th January 2020

The Chamber looks forward to an early meeting with the Prime Minister this week, during which it plans to present Dr Abela with a document, which was endorsed by the Chamber Council, and proposes 65 concrete recommendations aimed at solving the country’s problems with Good Governance.