Solar Farm In Rabat To Be Completed By October

25th July 2017

Works on the solar farm in Rabat are at an advanced stage, with the completion date set for October 2017.

Works on the solar farm in Rabat are at an advanced stage, with the completion date set for October 2017.

The €1.46 million project, carried out by the Water Services Corporation will cater for up to 370 families – households lacking roof access and therefore unable to invest in photovoltaic energy. It is based at the Fiddien water reservoir in the limits of Rabat.

The area, which has a footprint of two football pitches, will be covered by around 4,000 panels, which will contribute to a reduction of about 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Under this scheme, each household can purchase up to three kilowatts of peak power at €1,495 each, as if they had purchased their own system at a reduced price through the government grant.

Once a PV system is working, its beneficiaries will save 15c per kilowatt hour in the first six years, which will fall to 10c5 in the subsequent 14 years.

Energy Minister Joe Mizzi, who visited the facility, said that the project would contribute to reaching the EU’s 2020 clean energy generation targets and increase Malta’s spare power capacity.

Those who join the scheme at an early stage will start benefiting earlier, as from next month parts of the facility will be hooked to the grid.

20th July 2018

The registration brought the number of 9H-registered aircraft in Malta to over 280.

20th July 2018

The non-EU market registered an increase of 8,252 passengers in the first half of 2018.

20th July 2018

"If you’re looking for a little island life mixed with Mediterranean cuisine, this slice of heaven just below Sicily is a great choice."

19th July 2018

Winners included a matchmaking website, a craft beer company, and a private tuition app.