Spanish court rules Ryanair fee for hand luggage 'excessive'

21st November 2019 

The airline said it would not change its baggage policy.

A Spanish court has ruled that low-cost airline Ryanair’s policy of charging a fee for hand luggage is “excessive” following an incident when a passenger was fined for taking a carry-on bag without the required ticket.

The passenger in question was made to pay a €20 fine to bring her 10kg luggage on board the flight.

Ryanair changed its policy some months ago, preventing passengers from taking a 10kg hand-luggage on board the flight without paying for priority boarding or for a special ticket. It allows passengers to bring one personal item on board that can fit under the seat when purchasing a standard ticket.

The airline said it would not change its baggage policy in light of the Spanish ruling.

In a statement the budget airline said:

“This ruling will not affect Ryanair's baggage policy, as it [the Spanish court] misquoted the [European Court of Justice] and misinterpreted the airlines' commercial freedom to determine the size of their cabin baggage,” Ryanair said in a statement.

The passenger at the centre of the court case was travelling from Madrid to Brussels when she was charged to bring her extra luggage.

The judge said that the baggage could easily have fit in the cabin. It ruled the policy to be null and void and told Ryanair “to remove it” from its terms and conditions.

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Spanish court rules Ryanair fee for hand luggage 'excessive'