Spotlight on Villa Corinthia

19th December 2019 

As one of Malta’s proudest exports, the Corinthia brand is now synonymous with luxury accommodation across the world. 

Meanwhile, here in Malta, its birthplace – Villa Corinthia at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa – remains one of the most beguiling venues on the island; a haven for private events, intimate conferences and extraordinary weddings.

With the festive season now in full flow, Director of Conferences & Events Johanna Ward and her team are continuing to showcase their flair for the innovative across numerous staff parties and other private events.

“Villa Corinthia is a jewel of a venue,” said Ms Ward, adding that it perfectly complements the rest of our MICE portfolio, including the Business Centre, Executive Lounge, and the Corinthia Ballroom. “As a historic destination, it has a very natural story to tell and our guests are so often charmed by its décor and ambience.”


But beyond its visuals, Villa Corinthia is also a very practical space for hosting an event. Among its benefits, it has a private entrance, which means that guests don’t have to walk in through the hotel if the event organiser does not want them to. The terrace, meanwhile, provides a wonderful al fresco option, which corporate clients and party planners utilise as the perfect breakout space in the sunshine or under the stars.

Indoors, Villa Corinthia is naturally configured to have a number of different spaces. There’s the grand dining hall, as well as four splendid rooms directly off it, and a further two smaller rooms that are ideal for private dining. This effectively means that the entire venue can be configured to suit, whether you’d like your event to flow from space to space, or for each aspect to have a personality or purpose of its own.

“Although Villa Corinthia is a legend in its own right, it never fails to impress me how versatile it can be as a venue,” continues Ms Ward. “From lavish and luxurious to intimate and familiar, its personality evolves to suit the needs of the event. One thing’s for sure: it never fails to impress.”

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8th January 2020

The luxury brand has enjoyed a busy year hosting various events and entering into new ventures.

19th December 2019

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18th December 2019

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16th December 2019

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