Stefano Mallia – Our Top Priority Throughout Brexit Process Is To Defend European Business Interests

13th March 2019

Mr Mallia said the EU's interests could not be jeopardised for the sake of one country that wants to leave.

Former President of the Malta Chamber and current member of the European Economic and Social Committee Stefano Mallia said that totally disagreed with those who accused the EU of being intransigent or attempting to punish Britain for wanting to leave the bloc.

Speaking during the Parliament of Enterprises event organised by the Malta Chamber, he referred to the Brexit vote which took place in the UK parliament yesterday. “Our top priority is to defend our interests, and this cannot be jeopardised for the sake of one country that wants to leave.”

Mr Mallia said that the Single Market is the most potent tool for SMEs in Europe. “Even if it’s not perfect, it has provided the basis for SMEs to flourish, to be creative, and to provide top quality goods and services, as well as creating millions of jobs.”

“I represent employers in Europe, and we want a stronger Europe. It’s the only way forward if we are to continue to thrive and create wealth and jobs in the years and decades to come.”

Mr Mallia said that although the Brexit experience was inherently negative, it could be taken as an opportunity for Malta to work “even harder to consolidate what we have achieved since we joined the EU, and to never take for granted what we have.”