"STEM is the foundation on which every developed economy must establish its prosperity in the long-term"

10th May 2019

Chamber official notes how Malta lags behind other European peers, requiring further investment and new pedagogical techniques on how STEM subjects are taught at a young age.

"Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) should be the central focal point of our future development" said Mr Andre Fenech Malta Chamber’s Head of Policy Development as he was addressing a STEM engagement conference co-organised by the University of Malta, MCAST and MCST.

The conference was organised as joint effort to engage the public and all stakeholders on the importance of STEM for the long-term development of the country. The three organisations are currently drafting a strategy in this regard and this event launched the national debate.

Mr Fenech noted that according to the EU agency CEDEFOP, by 2025, 26% of all jobs will be in Science, Engineering, healthcare, business and teaching.  Mr Fenech specified that STEM skills are directly linked with the new segments Malta is managing to attract including Fintech, life science blockchain and distributed ledger technology and Artificial Intelligence amongst others.

Mr Fenech said that Malta was still lagging behind other European peers and required further investment and new pedagogical techniques on how these subjects were taught at a young age.  He stressed on the importance of apprenticeships and all forms of work-based learning for all students whilst investing on the lifelong learning and retraining of the current workforce.

"In the short-term, Malta requires to attract the right foreign talent and investment and to incentivise foreign investors to, where and when possible partner with local companies and start-ups or establish a cluster made up of local companies. This would allow for the right knowledge and technology transfer to occur making the local enterprises and the Maltese economy more sustainable in the long-term" Mr Fenech concluded.

Mr Fenech was speaking during a panel discussion which included Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Silvio Schembri, Opposition spokesman Hon. Karl Gouder and Ms Nicole Cini from Jobsplus.  The event was further addressed by the University rector, MCAST principal and MCST executive Chairman.

14th May 2019

The Malta Chamber expressed its disappointment in the manner in which the current electoral campaign was developing insofar, as serious issues were not being given the deserved respect, as they were being rendered political footballs for cheap points.

9th May 2019

The information session which was organised by the Malta Chamber in collaboration with Jobsplus provided a detailed explanation about the principle changes that were enacted in the new law.

7th May 2019

The Chamber and the Bank are looking forward to continue building on the strong relationship they enjoy, by organising seminars on priority matters that add value to the business community.

30th April 2019

During the meeting, issues relating to the White Paper about Rent Laws, compulsory union membership, the transposition of the Work-Life Balance Directive and Brexit were discussed.