Successful lobbying results in inclusion of more sectors in Government’s COVID-19 help list

31st March 2020

Members are encouraged to make their case for support for the consideration of Malta Enterprise if issues with their NACE codes arise 
The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry welcomes the addition of more sectors in the list of businesses that will be helped by Government in view of the current COVID-19 crisis, following extensive lobbying efforts on behalf of its members.
The Chamber had in the last days been in talks with Government Authorities to represent the interests of operators from a number of fields such as retail, the film industry and English language teaching schools among others. The initial lists of sectors that were eligible for assistance by Government excluded sectors that were being affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
Nevertheless, the Chamber has followed up further enquiries received from members with Malta Enterprise in the past days. It has been confirmed to the Chamber that in cases of erroneous NACE Codes, members are encouraged to make their case for support which will be considered by Malta Enterprise. In making the case, members are required to indicate the exact nature of their business and list the reasons for which they are requesting assistance.
Moreover, over the course of this week, the Chamber continued to gather information from all sectors of business and held virtual discussions with a team of 30 expert CEOs from the world of finance, banking and innovation.
These discussions served to evaluate creative and tangible solutions to protect employment and mitigate the collateral damage to the Maltese economy from the current economic impasse. It is currently finalising a fresh position which it shall offer to Government in the interest of business and the economy.

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Successful lobbying results in inclusion of more sectors in Government’s COVID-19 help list