Suq Tal-Belt To Host Delicata's Barrel Art Exhibition

26th November 2018

Delicata’s barrel art contest shows that art is a living thing, just like wine.

The Delicata winery has just launched Malta’s first barrel art contest christened Bettija’rt | with €1000 in prize money and other rewards to be earned. The inaugural edition is organised in association with Is-Suq Tal-Belt Valletta Food Market.

Malta’s foremost winemaker is calling for painters and other visual artists to direct their creativity and artistic skills towards the transformation of a decommissioned barrique (a wine barrel or bettija in Maltese) into a stunning work of art (a so-called bettija’rt).

The inspiration and theme of each original art piece has to reflect “the joy of wine, art and good living in Malta today and through the ages”.

The official call for Delicata’s 2019 Bettija’rt | competition is now open and artists can express their interest until 14 December 2018. The oak barrels will be supplied by the winery to the chosen artists.

Delicata’s barrel art contest shows that art is a living thing, just like wine, and making art and its appreciation has become an exciting exploration of new media and ways of creating and presenting.

When announcing the contest, winery director Mario Delicata said: “We realise that Delicata’s Bettija’rt art venture is but a modest effort to make the wonderful works of our talent in Malta more visible. Yet, we hope that artists feel inspired and will lend a hand in helping us with bringing the local arts, our best wines of Malta and their enjoyment into everyone’s daily life”.

The iconic Victorian-era venue of Is-Suq Tal-Belt Valletta Food Market will take centre stage in the showcasing of the collective art display next spring.

“We are proud to host this exhibition at is-Suq tal-Belt, a space which combines gastronomy, culture and the good life perfectly. This event also ties in with our philosophy of is-Suq becoming a venue for artistic initiatives,” said Maria Micallef CEO of Arkadia Marketing Ltd., part of the Mizzi Organisation.

In addition to the cash prizes, rewards and gifts for the contributors to Delicata’s 2019 Bettija’rt | contest, participating artists will also receive coverage in traditional and social media. The winery’s art challenge is decided by public and jury vote.

Established as well as upcoming artists residing in Malta aged 18 and over can express their interest via the winery’s website 

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Suq Tal-Belt To Host Delicata's Barrel Art Exhibition