Survey on Digital Services Act

The Malta Chamber’s EU office, the Malta Business Bureau, is following up on the European Commission’s public consultation for a Digital Services Act, and is seeking feedback from stakeholders on the matter, so as to submit a strong position in favour of the Maltese business community.

While the Single Market offers a great platform for the services economy to scale up, there is a certain degree of legal fragmentation in the Single Market. One of the main objectives for the Digital Services Act will be to enhance the innovation opportunities and deepen the Single Market for Digital Services.

It must also be considered that online platforms facilitate cross-border trading within and outside the Union, opening entirely new business opportunities. It is acknowledged that large online platforms are able to control increasingly important sectors of the digital economy. Given their size it is difficult for new market entrants to gain a competitive edge.

In light of this, the Malta Business Bureau has created a questionnaire to obtain a better understanding of companies' experiences in operating online within the Single Market. Members of the Malta Chamber are invited to participate in this survey and provide their own opinions on such issues.

Please follow this link to access the questionnaire:  

The consultation intends to collect information on the following:

  • Views on the current state of the Single Market
  • Steps for further improvements for a competitive and vibrant Single Market for digital services
  • Governance and oversight over digital services across the EU
  • Cooperation between Member States’ authorities
  • Availability of illegal goods online
  • The relationship between online platforms, businesses/self-employed that offer goods and services on those platforms, and consumers

Kindly note that there is no obligation for any specific or all questions to be answered. Please skip any questions which you may deem irrelevant or inapplicable to yourself or your company.

A deadline is set for Friday 7th August 2020.

For more information or assistance kindly email MBB on

Privacy Disclaimer: All contributions to this questionnaire will remain private and securely stored by the Malta Business Bureau. The Malta Business Bureau takes its obligations of confidentiality very seriously, and will not pass on any data or responses to third parties. We only ask the name of your company to follow up with you on an individual and confidential basis in case we need to get a better understanding of the issues at stake, which you may choose to opt out of at the end of the survey. The Malta Business Bureau only plans to publish the results of the survey in general, and any data or response which may be used to identify a particular company will not be published.

Survey on Digital Services Act