Survey on Yachting Services in Malta

The Yachting Services Business Section within the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has launched a data collection exercise amongst companies and individuals operating within the Maltese yachting sector.

The objectives of this questionnaire are:

(i) to assist the Executive Committee of the Yachting Services Business Section to gather industry information which would help in lobbying with Government on pertinent issues;

(ii) to constitute a first step in the Pilot Study of Brexit on its Effects on the Maltese Superyacht Industry which is being spearheaded by the Executive Committee;

(iii) to establish priority areas on which the Executive Committee would concentrate its efforts.

Participants will be provided with the final results. The Malta Chamber urges recipients of the survey to complete the survey since this will prove a valuable resource of information which they can benefit from.

This data collection exercise and survey results analysis will be carried out by EY.

Businesses operating in the yachting industry, interested in participating in this survey are urged to contact Mr Stefan Bajada on

Survey on Yachting Services in Malta