Tap EU funding for your businesses

If you are an SME seeking to expand your business through the support of non-repayable Grants of up to €500,000; to part-finance your investments, the EU SME Growth Grant Scheme applies to you.

The financial incentive published on 6th September 2017 is managed by the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality aimed to help you nurture your business towards extending the capacity of your existing establishment, or even, the setting up of a new establishment.

Benefit now from an aid intensity of 35% in 2017 if you are a small businesses, going down to 30% in 2018 and a 25% aid intensity if you are a medium sized enterprises, going down to 20% in 2018; to sustain growth in your sales and earnings; ensuring you are well positioned to exploit forthcoming opportunities.

In case you are a start-up, you have an opportunity to foster an entrepreneurial culture by tapping a maximum grant of €300,000 with an aid intensity of 50% from the Start-Up Investment grant scheme in order to economically exploit your ideas to not just ensure survival but also implement the business growth strategy you have in mind to thrive further within your industry.

Both calls close off on 20th October 2017.

For further information kindly contact Kevin Mizzi from our Projects and Internationalisation Desk on kevin.mizzi@maltachamber.org.mt

Tap EU funding for your businesses