Tesla ‘cybertruck' with 'bulletproof’ windows shatter during PR stunt

22nd November 2019 

‘It is literally bulletproof to a 9mm handgun,’ said Elon Musk.

Tesla’s unveiling of its first ever “cybertruck” in Los Angeles quickly turned into an awkward ordeal for CEO and founder Elon Musk after ‘bulletproof’ windows were smashed when being tested during a PR stunt.

Mr Musk addressed the launch of Tesla’s €35,000 armoured vehicle, marketed as the electric answer to one of Amerca’s most beloved cars, the pickup truck. The launch consisted of a number of demonstrations to showcase the vehicle’s durability.

Demonstrations consisted of a simulation of a 9mm bullet strike, the use of sledgehammers as well as heavy metal balls.

Mr Musk told the audience that Tesla created an “exoskeleton,” adding that “it is literally bulletproof to a 9mm handgun”.

At one point in the demonstration, Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen asked the CEO if he could chuck a metal ball at the window of the ‘cybertruck.’

After Mr von Holzhausen’s first throw, the front passenger window smahed, prompting Mr Musk to question whether the throw was a little hard. After trying again and chucking a second metal ball at the back passenger window, this too smashed. “It didn’t go through though, that’s the plus side,” said a shocked Mr Musk.

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Tesla ‘cybertruck' with 'bulletproof’ windows shatter during PR stunt