Test drive: the distinctively stylish new Audi A4

2nd May 2016

Maltachamber.org.mt test-drives the stylish new Audi A4, and is very impressed.

When you’re hooked and loyal to a product, the eagerness for a new generation of that product to be unveiled can trigger strong sentiments including anxiety and scepticism.

Take Apple for instance – millions of people currently using the popular iPhone 6 will undoubtedly be anxious to get their hands on the highly-anticipated iPhone 7, but they are also likely to be sceptical as to how different it could really be. Can it be that much better to the extent that it justifies replacing the already superlative current model?

The car industry is no different, especially in the premium segment where consumers tend to be more loyal, not only to the brand per se but also to the particular model they have been driving for some time. They represent the segment of society that is more likely to afford changing or upgrading to a newly-launched model. Those who own the previous generation of Audi A4 probably ask themselves whether the German giant car manufacturer will manage to significantly improve an already fantastic car.

Now that Audi has launched the new generation of Audi A4, and having driven it for an entire afternoon, we can safely say that not only does the new Audi A4 look better, but it drives better too. From a technological front, the new A4 is also remarkably superior to its predecessor.

Premium Feel

Externally and, undoubtedly, internally, Audi has upped the game with the new Audi A4. Its look and feel are more ‘premium’ – it looks sharper, its design is more elegant, and it is also larger than its predecessor and has a striking, powerful-looking frontend.

The clear surfaces, accompanied by sharp lines in its design create a distinctive style that is very difficult to beat. The new interior is classy; it feels as if the A4 is extending its dominance and class-lead not only in the compact-executive segment but this new model feels like a strong contender in the premium segment as well.

The new A4 has already received global recognition and various awards as a leading premium contender and there are plenty of reasons to justify the status the new model has been enjoying since its launch date. It is also worth noting that Audi has changed an astonishing 90 per cent of all components from the previous model. Equally remarkable is that the new A4 weighs approximately 100kg less than its predecessor, making it faster and more agile, enhancing its emissions and green credentials, as well as making great inroads when it comes to fuel consumption.

Drive and Interior

The interior is class-leading and of superlative quality. Audi here managed to combine the typical executive look and feel of the A4 with the stark sports design of the new generation of the TT – the highly desirable sports icon (and yes, that includes the cool leather steering usually reserved for the sport TT). Technology-wise, the new A4 is lightyears ahead of its predecessor, featuring the latest technological features and a very intuitive menu system that almost doubles up as the ‘central nervous system’, which facilitates your life as a driver as well as making it safer. The car is fully specked with the latest tech features including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, smartphone interface, sound system and Driver’s Information System (DIS). The driving experience is equally superlative. The objective of Audi here is clear – the brand was not after a sporty/hard ride but rather invested heavily to create a comfortable, more relaxed driving experience that would make the driving experience of its competitors feel like you’re off-roading in the wild!

Value and Affordability

The starting price of €37,900 is great news. More so when one takes into account that the standard features include alloy wheels, cruise control, foldable heated mirrors, front and rear parking sensors, Xenon lights, 6.5” colour central control system, sound system powered with eight speakers, light and rain sensors, climate control, and much more. The starting price is for the 1.4TFSI petrol engine – a highly-regarded engine for its economy, low emissions and the ability to generate an impressive 150bhp. And, for those after that something special, the car is also available (as an option) with the award-winning ‘Audi virtual cockpit’, first seen on the latest Audi TT.


The new Audi A4 is an instant success: strong design elements and elegant styling, a more spacious and superlative interior, as well as a strong, fuel-efficient engine. With an affordable starting price of €37,900 the new A4 is better than ever!

For viewing as well as for test-driving the new Audi A4 contact Continental Cars Ltd, Testaferrata Street, Ta’ Xbiex. T: 2347 6340; E: [email protected]


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