TEST DRIVE: The Dynamic new Nissan Micra 

9th April 2017

We review one of the most stylish city cars to hit the local market – the new Nissan Micra.

The relaunch of an existing car model is normally interpreted in one of two ways: that the car is being tweaked and improved or that the car manufacturer has taken the bold decision to launch a new, fresh generation. The latter is certainly the case with the bold new Nissan Micra. The previous model has been overhauled radically on all fronts and its relaunched version is a testament to the innovative technological and design improvements being achieved by some of the world’s top car manufacturers.

The new Micra is no longer tiny, its styling is no longer conservative and the stereotyping that has been associated with the Micra as a model that essentially targets women have all but gone, particularly since the colourful personalisation and styling features on both the interior and exterior of the car make it possible for the new Micra to be given a distinctive twist – so personal, individual choices can make the overall trim look sporty and youthful, or add a masculine or feminine touch.

The new Micra, which is now in its fifth generation, represents a significant improvement from its fourth generation predecessor. The car is bigger and more spacious, its aesthetics have been strengthened significantly with a young and fun injection, and with a new sharp design, colour options and personalisation features. For the first time in the life of the Micra, the interior is not stereotyped and essentially dull, and you can engage your own creativity by personalising various aspects of its interior too – meaning that you can add a bright blue or orange touch in the cabin! The good news is that many of the electronic components of the new Nissan Micra come from the revolutionary Nissan Qashqai, which is to date one of the most popular and reliable mid-range SUVs on our roads.

This is a car that appeals to drivers of different social strata and age groups who are after a reliable city car that is fun and colourful, yet designed and manufactured by one of the world’s leading Japanese manufacturers. So we expect the new Micra to be popular in Malta with both male and female drivers from the age of 20 to 50 plus.

Aimed at the European market, the world’s largest hatchback market, the new Micra is styled to turn heads, with a dramatic body length-defining character line. It is lower, wider and longer than its predecessors and has more interior space. It also has advanced new downsized turbo drivetrains, an agile chassis and a full complement of innovative safety features.

The new Micra fully embodies Nissan’s latest design language with signature design cues and emotional body sculpting. Design cues include the distinctive V-motion grille, from where the sharp-edged character line runs through to the rear end, boomerang-shaped lights, and the floating roof – another Nissan design signature – that creates an airy feeling. Other features include rear door handles hidden in the C-pillars and an extended roofline that incorporates a spoiler, benefiting the car’s aerodynamic performance and aesthetics.

The dramatic looks are matched by a selection of 10 sophisticated and vivid exterior colours, including Energy Orange. Its additional exterior and interior personalisation options allow for the creation of 125 different variations, enabling owners to stamp their own style on their new Micra.

Much attention has been paid to driver comfort, with a lower driving position for a more secure driving feel. It’s easy for all drivers to achieve the perfect driving position thanks to better seat adjustment, the fully adjustable steering wheel and the optimal positioning of the pedals and shift lever. The car’s extended width and wheelbase means cabin space is among the best in class, while the gliding-wing shaped dashboard gives the cabin a light, sleek and spacious impression.


Certainly one of the most stylish new city cars being launched in Malta in 2017. This car represents a major improvement over its predecessor in all senses. This is a solid brand new model that will prove extremely popular with the young and the young at heart.

For more information or to test drive the fifth generation of the new Nissan Micra, visit the Nissan Motor Sales showroom on National Road, Blata l-Bajda or call the sales department on 2596 9999.

This feature originally appeared on Style on Sunday magazine, out today with The Times of Malta.


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