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The 5 Chairs

22nd August 2022

The 5 Chairs has a message for everyone. They are designed to nurture, transform and maintain the Human Side of life.

5 chairs, 5 colours, 5 animals, 5 objects, 5 quotes – These are the 5 key elements behind ‘The 5 Chairs’ tool, one of the most innovative and universally applicable self-development tools on the market today.

Created by Louise Evans – Director/Founder at The5Chairs – ‘The 5 Chairs’ is a powerful, transformational tool which forces us to take a good look at ourselves; the way we think, talk, behave and relate in every moment. It changes the way we manage our relationships and lives forever and invites us to bring forth the very best of ourselves in any situation.

We ALL create the atmosphere of our workplaces, the climate in our homes and the culture of our society at large. We are all authors and masters of our own lives. But are we doing our best?

As humans, we have tendencies, especially under stress, to revert to unhelpful, unproductive and defensive behaviours. We do and say things we regret. This has a negative impact on our relationships which then takes a toll on our personal happiness. But we can change this. How?

The 5 Chairs tool consists of 5 differently coloured chairs which act as a mirror to our daily attitudes and behaviours. They invite us to wake up and consciously track the way we are managing ourselves and other people, providing us with constant feedback.

Whether you are managing an organisation, leading a team, parenting a family or navigating any relationship, the 5 Chairs will provide you with a powerful gateway to greater self-awareness, deeper learning and richer relationships. The tool is designed to help you learn, lead and behave more effectively in your professional and private roles.

5 chairs

• A practical tool for heightened self-awareness and self-leadership
• An approach to help understand and manage other people more effectively
• Better self-control and stress management
• Greater ability to stay in positive intention and manage difficult conversations
• Assured development in 3 defining areas: Behavioral Agility, Conscious Communication, Relationship mastery
• A highly effective tool for self-coaching and coaching others
• More productive behaviour both at home and at work

• Very practical – using simple easily digestible concepts and metaphors suitable for all learning styles and accompanied by the highly practical book ‘5 Chairs 5 Choices’
• Very memorable using multisensorial messaging including visual, audio, tactile
• Both simple and profound depending on its application & target audience, ranging from in-depth 5-day leadership training to 18-minute TEDx talk
• Innovative and engaging base on a highly engaging ‘Edutainment’ approach
• Universal – it crosses all cultures, generations, sectors, hierarchies, departments and roles
• Very versatile – has multiple applications: Corporate, Education, Nonprofit, Government
• Just as effective online as in person

The 5 Chairs has a message for everyone. They are designed to nurture, transform and maintain the Human Side of life. If your ambition is to become a truly effective human being in order to better serve yourself and others then The 5 Chairs is the tool for you. These chairs are not for the faint-hearted though. It takes courage to listen to the messages of the Chairs and then act on them. However, once you have internalized the 5 Chairs they will be your companion for life.


Feedback from participants who have taken part in our programs and adopted the core teachings of The 5 Chairs has described it as ‘transformational’, ’highly practical’, ‘extremely original’,‘easily applicable’, ’life-changing’, ‘a life-tool everyone should use’.

“If everyone applied Louise’s guidelines we would live in a decidedly better world’
Franco Moscetto – President OVS Italy

“This is a must for anyone who wants to grow in this world”
Dr. Ing. Gianfranco Michelini – Entrepreneur and Author

Louise Evans will introduce The 5 Chairs to the general public on Thursday 15 September. Please click here to know more.

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The 5 Chairs