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“The Chamber had a place for me!”

17th July 2020

Jo Caruana, from writemeanything, Gianni Zammit from JUGS Malta, Shane Hunter, from AquaBioTech Group Technical Director, and Julian Mamo, of GasanMamo Insurance, describe their experience as members of The Malta Chamber.

The Malta Chamber recently reached out to four members to provide their testimonials and opinions on the Chamber in a short video.

“When I think of The Malta Chamber, I think of a body that represents different sectors of the island,” said Mr Gianni Zammit, Director at JUGS Malta. “Our experience joining the Chamber has been super positive. My advice would be, do it! Because whatever industry you’re in, you need a representative voice, a structure” he added.

Mr Zammit said that their organisation initially joined the Chamber because their industry needed a voice. “We did not have a structured organisation to represent us in any part of the business world. If you do not have a voice to represent your sector or you just want the networking option of it, it’s definitely something which you should form part of,” he said.

"Our experience joining the Chamber has been super positive."

Gianni Zammit

After having written about the Chamber numerous times, Ms Jo Caruana, Founder of writemanything, decided to join the Chamber on a whim. She said that “it became clear that even though I run a really small business, the Chamber had a place for me.”

“It’s been fantastic joining initiatives such as the Young Chamber Network,” said Ms Caruana. She added that it has helped her meet other people who are growing a business from scratch and are also still looking at the future of their business journey.

“Networking continues to be a big part of what I am excited about at the Chamber. I love meeting different businesses and understanding what it is that they do and perhaps how we can collaborate,” she said.

Ms Caruana added that “The Chamber of Commerce has added value to my business by putting me there on the table with some people that I really respect.”

"The Chamber had a place for me."

Jo Caruana

Managing Director at GasanMamo, Mr Julian Mamo, commended joining the Chamber as “it’s a huge leap from being inward looking and possibly trying to resolve all the challenges on your own. It’s quite liberating when you realise that you are not alone in this and that many people are facing similar challenges.”

Moreover, Mr Mamo described the Chamber as “a meeting of people. It is a meeting of minds and I think if you position yourself to be around that table, that is precisely how things move forward.”

"It’s quite liberating when you realise that you are not alone in this and that many people are facing similar challenges."

Julian Mamo

The Chamber also spoke Mr Shane Hunter, Technical Director at AquiaBioTech Group, who said that “The recent COVID situation that we have all gone through, perhaps facilitates the Chamber’s role even more, and it’s interaction with government and gathering information from its members.” In this regard, Mr Hunter stated that “acting as a conduit to government is more important than ever.”

“To the people thinking of joining the Chamber, I would say why haven’t you joined already?”, he concluded.

"To the people thinking of joining the Chamber, I would say why haven’t you joined already?"

Shane Hunter

Are you a member of The Malta Chamber? There has never been a better time to join Malta's foremost business representative body! Make sure your voice is heard at this challenging time. Send an email on, to ascertain effective representation at this time.

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“The Chamber had a place for me!”